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Attendees Testimonials

“I was so impressed with your "Let the Oppressed Go Free" Seminar.  It changed my life.  I will be recommending your services to friends. Thanks and God Bless!

- Marsha
  Turnersville, NJ

"Wow! I’m glad I went with my friend to your seminar, "Loose the Bands of Wickedness". I am still impressed!  I never understood how things around us as well as things that we have been taught can undermine our character. "

- Brenda
  Salisbury, NC
"I really did not know what to expect when I decided to come your seminar entitled, Ride Upon the High Places, but it was well worth my time.  I will never undervalue myself and my destiny again."

- Alice B
  Atlanta, GA

"Often I have heard people say, that a woman should not be teaching a man, he should teach her, but the truth is when God is in the equation, women can teach men and vise versa.  I will be attending more of your seminars.  I have attended two so far and am looking forward to my third one.  I don't know why the truths you reveal are just not every day knowledge after all it came straight from the bible and in plain language.  I highly recommend your seminars.  The Mind Fast Series was great!

- Edward
  West Chester, PA

"My marriage was in trouble and I believed that leaving my husband was the right thing to do, then I went to one of your seminars with my sister.  I admit that I didn't want to go.  But I am sure glad I did.  I attended the one entitled "Undo The Heavy Burdens".  I had no idea how much of a burden I had become in my marriage.  Your teaching helped me to see that I was indeed part of the problem and I left the seminar that day, determined to go back home, unpack my bags and work on my marriage.  Thank you so much for letting God use you.

- Deborah
  Lanham, MD

- My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar on "Deal Thy Bread to the Hungry".  It opened up a whole new perspective in looking at the spritual needs of others.  We are now more committed to look beyond the surface to the real needs of others.

- Mr & Mrs John and Marlene
  Philadelphia, PA

" My friends and I attended one of your speaking engagements "Trim the Fat", it was awesome. We will be following your ministry as it helped us put some things into perspective regarding our mission.  God is truly using you in a might way to reach others.

- Carol D
  Wilmington, DE